Templates link

Here you can find a link for every single template/plugin I have used but not made :


The main idea

Since I was a child, I have always wanted to be self-dependent; to have enough knowledge, stuff and raw materials in order to, in a situation of loneliness, be able to not only survive but live. I always thought humanity's greatest enemy was weather. You cannot predict it (unless you are a very skilled meteorologist) without the equipment and the only way to have data about the weather, is to access specialized websites. But what if those websites, for a reason or another, were being shut down, how could you know what weather there is, what can possibly help you in this way ?
This is the main idea behind my build. Having a non-expensive solution to this problem, in order to gain this self-dependence with the help of technology.

The equipment needed

In order to fullfill this project, I have needed some piece of hardware. This consist in :