Local Weather System

Local Weather

Air Temperature

In the Pi mesuring data, there is actually two sensors responsible for the extraction of temperature values. The one on the CPU and the one on the Sense Hat. However, the second one get his results skewed by the temperature of the nano computer. It is then an obligation to treat the data precisely in order to obtain a correct result. This process passes by a formula in wich converged both the CPU and the Sensor Hat's mesured temperatures.

Server Temperature

The measurement of the CPU temp is done by a sensor directly inserted inside the processor. It guarantee us more precise and usable data.
It is interesting to put side-by-side this temperature with the one collected for the air, in order to analyze the correlation between them. A server temperature is considered too high above 80 degrees. Whenever this does happen, the moment it did is saved in a log file on the server.


The humidity factor is a great sign of whenever a rainfall happen or has happened. Combined with pressure datas, it is even easier to know if we will, indeed, see a rainfall happening. A humidity level is considered to be optimal for a habitation around 45 to 60 percent. However, this optimal value does depend on the temperature. Indeed, a 60 percent humidity rate at around 30/35 degrees won't be as comfortable as a 45 percent rate, as around 60, air seems to be heavy and exhausting to breathe.


The pressure rate, mesured in millibar is said to help predict weather change and rainfall happening. In order to compare to a more known unit, 1 millibar equals 100 pascal. What is considered to be the medium pressure rate, also called atmospheric pressure, has a mean value of 101325 pascals. It all goes down to a medium value of 1013.25 millibars.
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